Rolf Hierath




Rolf Hierath was born June 2, 1958 in Wiesbaden, Germany. 

At the age of 12 he got his first guitar and taught himself to play through books and by practicing to Johnny Cash records on his turntable.
In 1973 he joined the Postal Service and spent his first pay check on records. He soon formed a band with his brother and formed the Country & Western Club Rheingau in his hometown. Rolf went on to tour with Hank Kerns who was known as Bill Haley of Wiesbaden."
Rolf adopted the stage name Rye W. Henderson in the 80’s and he and his band had a hit record, "Millions in the Phonebooks" featuring the Johnny Cash hit “Committed to Parkview on the B-side.  He also collaborated with Sheb Wooley on the song “Ben Colder Please Don’t Sing My Songs.” 
Rolf is also a highly regarded DJ with shows on Radio RheinWelle 92.5 in Wiesbaden, of which he is also a founding member. He can be found spinning great country records every week on several regular programs he hosts. 

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